Top 15 African Countries Most Interested in Crypto Launched by CoinGecko

The findings identify the top nations in this developing market and give light on how cryptocurrency interest is distributed across Africa.
Nigeria has a sizable advantage over the competition. Nigeria is at the top of the list with an astounding 66.78% of Africa’s interest in cryptocurrencies. Second place is closely followed by South Africa, which accounts for a large share of the continent’s interest in cryptocurrencies.


On the list, Morocco holds down the third position. Ghana, which holds the fourth spot on the list, exhibits a noticeable interest in cryptocurrencies. Fifth on the list and showing a strong interest in cryptocurrencies is Egypt. The country has a sizable population, and its tech industry is expanding, which is helping cryptocurrencies become more and more popular as alternative financial assets.

The sixth-ranked Ivory Coast, often known as Côte d’Ivoire, has a sizable cryptocurrency market. The nation’s adoption of digital solutions and its thriving startup scene have created an environment that is friendly to people who are interested in cryptocurrencies.

Uganda, Angola, Algeria, Tunisia, Kenya, Namibia, Mauritius, Botswana, and the Seychelles round out the top 15. Although they alone only make up a small portion of Africa’s interest in cryptocurrencies, their existence as a whole indicates the continent’s growing enthusiasm for digital currency.

The distribution of interest in cryptocurrencies across various African areas was also investigated in the study. West Africa took the lead, accounting for 74.7% of all cryptocurrency interest. Southern Africa holds 9.6% of the continent’s interest in cryptocurrencies, while Northern Africa comes in second with 10.0%. Lower numbers, 3.8% and 1.9%, are found in East Africa and Central Africa, respectively.