A fire at a Russian gas station kills 35 people and hurts dozens more


On Monday night, a fire at a gas station in the southern Russian region of Dagestan killed 35 people, according to the country’s emergency services government.

Officials say the fire started at a car repair shop on the side of a highway in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, on Monday night. As it spread to a nearby gas station, it caused explosions.

“It’s like war here,” said an onlooker.

The emergency services ministry shared pictures of firemen trying to put out a huge fire as flames shot high into the night sky.

Reuters TV said that online video showed a one-story house on fire.

“Five more bodies were found in Makhachkala during the operation to save people. The ministry said on Telegram that 35 people have died in all.

The government says that 105 people were hurt. On Tuesday night, the press office of Sergei Melikov, the head of Dagestan, said that 64 people were being treated in hospitals and that 17 of them would be taken to medical centers in Moscow.

The Dagestani health ministry told Interfax earlier that 13 of the people who were hurt were children.

A fire that spread over an area of 600 square meters (715 square yards) took more than three and a half hours to put out, according to a statement from the Russian emergency service that was carried by TASS.